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Circles of Faith
My One Word for the New Year Update and LinkUp

by Elise Daly Parker

It's been a little over three months since New Year and so it is a good time to reflect on our One Word for the New Year. I’m hoping you will share an update on your One Word too. You can LinkUp or share in the comments below.

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Circles of Faith
Next in the Dog Series - Relying on Grace…

by Chelle Wilson

I had a refreshing conversation with my Gayle this morning.  (I know, you’ve missed the adventures of Gayle, right? She’s well…). She confessed to me that she’s guilty of setting expectations which are, more often than not, unmet.  They leave her feeling disappointed and exhausted.  I told her to stop setting them. [Continue Reading...]

Circles of Faith
Susanne Says What Therapists Know...and Want Their Friends, Family, and Clients to Know, Too! Part 2

by  Licensed Counselor Susanne Ciancio 

In Part 1 of this series we looked at the common phenomena where we misinterpret other people's opinions, criticisms, and judgments as a clue or definition of who we are and our value/worth.   The point was:  it's not about you. In fact, other people are telling us who THEY are and NOT defining OUR value or worth! [Continue Reading...]

Circles of Faith
You're Still The One - A Marriage Retreat

by Susan Panzica

Over the course of our 26 year marriage, my husband Tony and I have attended our share of marriage conferences. While each had value, we didn't experience any life changing (or I should say marriage changing) moments. That is - until we attended the You're Still The One marriage retreat weekend, held once a year around Valentine's Day. We learned practical communication tools, some of which we even used with our children. [Continue Reading...]