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8 Tips I Wish I Knew Before Traveling Abroad

By Angele Tanyeri

At last, summer is here! Hopefully, you are finding time to slow down and soak up the sun. While some may be enjoying a stay-cation this season, others may be gearing up to travel abroad.

Before you leave good ole’ U.S.A., take a peek at my ever-growing list of things I wish I knew before traveling internationally. [Continue Reading...]





Circles of Faith
Smoothing Our Rough Edges

by Becky Crenshaw

Summer days can be long.

And this one day in particular was overcast and cool. A day when the pool was not an option, but neither was spending another minute inside the 2100 square feet of our home.

I called my neighbor and asked her if she wanted to take her two kids plus my three to a park nearby. Without hesitation she said yes. Within the hour I had loaded her crew with mine and off we went to shake off the indoor woolies on a too-long summer afternoon. [Continue Reading...]

Circles of Faith
Delightful Discoveries

by Kimberly Coyle

I discovered most of my friends’ hidden talents by accident. I walked into a café and found a dear friend’s photographs hanging proudly on the walls, a label in the right hand corner of each frame alerting me her work was for sale. One friend stood up to sing karaoke during a summer evening out, and we sat wide-eyed when she blew us away with her singular voice. Another wrote and published a novel before I even realized she was a writer. [Continue Reading...]

Circles of Faith
In Your Words - What are you into these days and what are you over?

Our vision is to inspire, empower, educate one another through ongoing community exchange. One of the ways we would like to do this is through our Friday Community column, in a monthly series called In Your Words. We reached out to our contributors and guest writers to ask them a question.

Read what they have to say and share your answer in the comments below.

What are you into these days and what are you over? [Continue Reading...]

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